Aayushman Bharat Unique Health ID Card Registration, Apply Online, Eligibility, Benefits 2023

Aayushman Bharat Unique Health ID – If you have made a health ID card, then you will get all these benefits! See which benefits are going to be available, on this card.

Aayushman Bharat Health ID Card Benefits – Recently the Government of India has inaugurated the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. Through this digital mission, the Digital Health ID Card of all our countrymen will be made. Through this card, many benefits will be provided by the government to all the countrymen. So let us know what is this health ID card, and what are the benefits of making this card.

What is a Digital Health ID Card?

Digital Health ID Card is a card that will keep all types of records related to our health in digital form. This card will be made personal for every member just like the Aadhaar card. Whatever treatment, medicines, consultant, or any test related to the body you will get done, the record of all these things will be recorded in this digital health ID card.

This health ID card will have some numbers just like the Aadhar card, through which the doctor will be able to see your health information and will be able to do further training on its behavior very easily.

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Benefits of making a Digital Health ID Card?

  1. There are many benefits of getting this digital health certificate made. Because in today’s time everything is going digital. In such a situation, whenever you will get your treatment, the test is done, or consult a doctor in any hospital or whatever medicine you use for your disease, then the record of all these types of information will be present in your health ID card.
  2. After making a Health ID Card, you will be able to know where your Ayushman card is being used.
  3. On making this card, you can take your health-related advice online from the government doctor.
  4. After getting it done, you will not need to keep any paper related to your illness or hospital-related and if you are not able to keep the health-related documents, then you will not have to face any problems. Because your health-related record will be present in this health ID card, which you can also see through the Online Application.
  5. Plus, if you move to a new hospital, you won’t have to do paperwork again or go through early-stage tests. Because all your records will be present in the digital health ID card and the doctor will be able to do further training very easily by looking at your health ID card and taking complete information about your health.

How to make Digital Health ID Card?

For your information, let us tell you that you can make a Digital Health ID Card sitting at home very easily with the help of a mobile. For this, you will not have to pay any money or go anywhere. We have given you information about how to make your health id card sitting at home with the help of mobile, in this post (health id card made in this way for free).

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Important things related to Health Id Card Scheme

Q. Under which scheme does Digital Health ID Card come?

Ans. Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

Q. Has the Digital Health ID Card scheme been implemented across the country?

Ans. Yes

Q. What documents will be required to get a Digital Health ID Card made?

Ans. Aadhar Card, Mobile Number, Photo, Bank Passbook, Ration Card, etc.

Q.Benefits of Digital Health ID Card Scheme?

Ans. Through this card, all your health-related records will be kept in digital form, you will not need to do any paperwork in the hospital. With the help of this card by the government, you can take your treatment and medicines by consulting an online doctor sitting at home through the application on mobile.

Q. Digital Health ID Card Yojana Helpline Number?

Ans. Toll-Free Number:- 1800114477

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