CSC Academy Registration process 2021 |

    CSC Academy Registration process 2021 |

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    Purpose of CSC Academy Center – CSC 

    1. For the potential and development of students, especially entrepreneurs at the village level
    2. Another stakeholder in the Common Service Center scheme through extensive use of information
    3. And provides communication technology and teaching, special courses/training programs.
    4. Develop, maintain and support an online learning environment to ensure large-scale e-learning opportunities
    5. For students across India, especially in rural and remote areas. Further development of design, components, and distribution infrastructure
    6. Through CSC for education, skills development, and other areas for community development in rural areas.
    7. Corporate social responsibility activities.

    The goal is to establish CSC Academy – CSC

    1. Increase income through skills and educational courses
    2. Lead the way in business expansion with new products and services
    3. To grow the market and reach new customers
    4. Improving existing businesses from a small enterprise to making them big employers, creating new jobs
    5. In addition, the community aims at learning and they strive to facilitate the provision of career-based education
    6. Encouraging small entrepreneurs
    In addition to private sector courses, CSC Academy will provide various skills and educational activities sponsored by the Government of India. Many of them are funded under government schemes or corporate social responsibility, CSR funding. Over time, the CSC Academy will become a learning center for lifelong learning and learning. These may include school level, career level, professional level, and self-development level programs.
    CSC academies at each block level, 7076 blocks, and urban towns will be established.

    CSC Academy Registration 2021 – CSC

    A new definition of education in India through CSC Academy

    1. National and International Recognition: High visibility and credibility as CSC Academy

    Providing educational activities from reputed Indian and international colleges, universities, and industries.

    2. Diversification of programs: Marketing and monthly income growth opportunities by providing more education

    Programs for individual students, schools, colleges, and other private coaching institutes.

    Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by marketing new recognized educational programs.

    3. Sophisticated curriculum: Recent updates and education will be distributed in a mixed mode of education/technology.

    4. Making money: A variety of short-term and long-term education activities at low cost with high commissions.

    The margin of CSC Academy will be given on a category basis for VLE through CSC Academy.

    5. Expand your marketing reach: Like CSC Academy, online courses can be sold outside the geographical range

    CSC location. Programs can be sold to potential customers at a very discounted price compared to the market price.

    6. Availability of funds: Education activities are conducted through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funding from the government.

    PSU and private industry will be implemented through CSC Academy.

    7. Priority: Priority will be given to CSC Academy for the implementation of government education activities.

    8. Long Term Programs: Long term programs (over 3 months) in a mixed-mode (online and classroom-based) are offered only at CSC Academy centers.

    9. Examination Centers: Only CSC Academy Centers will be examination centers of different universities/institutes

    10. Consultant Support: Program-based marketing advice and support provided.

    11. VLE Special Training: Special VLE training to facilitate various educational programs.

    12. Performance Award: CSC Academy will be awarded at the state / national level for its outstanding performance.

    Types of CSC Academy – CSC

    In order to provide quality education and skills services through CSC, its classification
    These centers have become part of the educational activities for the purpose of CSC Academy.

    The following steps need to be followed By VLE to approve VLE CSC as CSC Academy.

    1. Any VLE who wishes to get his CSC registration as a CSC Academy has to verify his eligibility on the basis of the following criteria. CSC academy registration process 2021

    2. New Admissions (within CSC) – CSC Academy will be verified by block District Nodal Officers based on online registration by VLEs.

    3. New entrants (outside of CSC) – DC / DM is a good (as per CSC Academy rules) and identify interesting centers

    Those who want to be CSC Academy Center but they have to register as CSC first then they can register as CSC Academy Center.

    Fees for CSC Academy 2021

    1. VLE registers by uploading online forms, registration fees, and signed affidavits.
    2. Registration fee 5,000 / – (only five thousand rupees) (Rs.4237 + GST ​​Rs.763 / -), and cannot be refunded with an affidavit signed from CSC Wallet (please make sure to download the revised affidavit) In online form.
    3. The state team will perform a physical check after submitting the online form.
    Based on the verification, the central team of the CSC Academy will consider granting temporary approval to the CSC VLE to be certified under the CSC Academy. CSC academy registration process 2021

    Uniforms and boards CSC Academy

    1. All CSC Academy VLEs will have some degree of uniformity. Signboard of CSC Academy outside the center,

    2 Notice has been issued from time to time by the State and District Nodal Officers of Wall Coloring, Record Management, and CSC Academy.

    3. All CSC Academy VLEs will follow the rules of uniformity within the advertised period.

    4. Regular audit and verification will be done by the central team of CSC Academy.

    Eligibility Criteria for CSC Academy 2021 (Ownership)

    Minimum requirements of CSC Academy
    • Middle carpet area – minimum 800 square feet
    • NS is a reception desk
    •  Two computer lab classrooms
    • Seating capacity of at least 0 students in a class
    • CSC Academy Size One Sign Display Board – 6ftX3ft
    • A notice board
    • Yes. At least 15 desktop computers/laptops with webcams and headphones
    • NS is a printing machine
    •  A scanner (A4 size)
    •  A biometric device
    • One projector
    •  Licensed software-operating system of choice for all computers
    •  Preferred Licensing Software for All Computers – MS -Office / OpenOffice or Open Source Software
    • Power backup (UPS/inverter/generator etc.)
    • All systems connected to the LAN
    •  Internet Speed ​​Connection (1 Mbps)
    • NS is at least a full-time and part-time laboratory/teaching staff

    Apply online for CSC Academy 2021

    See the web link to apply online at CSC Academy Center
    CSC Academy Online Application Link:➥
    District Manager Mobile Number: ➥

     Registration Process 2021

    Look like this and who has applied

    1. First, go to ➥
    2. Then click on Block Locator
    3. And select your state district, block
    4. And Then Click On Submit

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