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CSC Child Aadhaar Enrollment Center: Dear CSC VLE Friends, if you are a CSC VLE and You want to open Aadhaar Update Center (UCL) through CSC in your village town. But after spending a lot of money on Static IP and Bank BC for a long time, your Aadhaar Update Center has not been launched or Started. So there is a piece of great news for all of you.

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Now Aadhaar UCL Center can be started without broadband static IP

According to Mr. Dinesh Tyagi, Managing Director,  data from them overall – where broadband service or static IP service is not available. An Aadhaar UCL center can be opened in addition to static IP on behalf of UIDAI. It will take 1-2 months for this service to start.

CSC Aadhaar Update Center Registration Process For CSC VLE

Aadhaar Update Center / Aadhaar Correction Center Online Registration for CSC VLE Bank Bc Considering the problems faced by the general public for revising and amending their Aadhaar card, the Government of India has issued CSC Vle through CSC E-Governance Services India. CSC SPV has been allowed to do the Aadhaar Modification and the Aadhaar Update! After which in the first phase, about 20000 free Aadhaar update centers have been announced through CSC VLE, so today in this post we will give you complete information about opening free CSC Aadhaar centers.

How to open CSC Aadhaar correction center / how to open CSC update  Aadhaar

Dear CSC VLE  Friends, According to the information available at present, in order to open the Aadhaar Correction Center through CSC, the work of Bank Mitra with CSC will be done only through CSC Vles. Aadhaar Center will be allowed to open, so if you want to open Aadhaar Center with CSC, it is very important for you to have CSC Bank Mitra now, this way you can learn how to create CSC Bank Mitra from the link given below.

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How to Open CSC Aadhaar Enrollment Center

CSC VLE Friends, you all know that there are more than 120 crore Aadhaar enrollments in our country. And there are very few people whose Aadhaar card has not been made yet. Due to which Aadhaar card registration for Vles will not start by CSC SPV. However, the district-level position is in the CSC district office where the district manager sits! There will be an Aadhaar registration center opened in every district through CSC.

Important  Requirements for CSC Aadhaar UCL Center

Dear VLE Friends, CSC Uidai has imposed many conditions for a resumption of CSC Uidai Aadhaar update work through CSC! Completion of which is mandatory for opening CSC Uidai Aadhaar Center. Which is as follows

1. Name to issue VLE Bank Bc Code & BC

Each CSC Bank Mitra has to submit the BC Code of the concerned bank from where it is a Bank Mitra Code and the name of the issuer i.e. Bank Mitra Certificate.

2. Aadhaar NSEIT Operator / Supervisor Certificate

In order to open CSC Aadhaar Modification Center, all CSC Vles must pass the NSEIT Aadhaar Supervisor / Operator Exam! For information about the Uidai Aadhaar test and application process! Click on the link below

3. Operator / Supervisor Police Verification

In addition to all of the above, all Vles who apply for CSC Aadhaar updates and corrections must also submit their police verification, which should not be more than 3 months, if you have already completed the police verification, see its release date. If necessary, apply again now so that you do not have to run on time

4. Operator / Supervisor Aadhaar Card

To open CSC Aadhaar Update Center, all CSC VLE must provide a copy of their Aadhaar Card!

5. Separate laptop and color multifunction printer for UCL

 Friends, to open the CSC Aadhaar Update Center, you only need to keep a separate laptop minimum I3 process for an Aadhaar job! On top of that, you can’t do anything else, plus you need to have a color all-in-one or multi-function printer.

6. Single iris and fingerprint scan device available

As we told you earlier, you don’t need to buy a very expensive Aadhaar biometric machine or fingerprint scanner for CSC Aadhaar Update Center! Single Aadhaar Fingerprint, or Single Irish Scanner, CSC DGP, or other services that you now use at your Common Service Center.

7. Broadband connection with static IP

The mobile hotspot will not work for CSC Aadhaar Update Center or the CSC Uidai Aadhaar connection! You need CSC Wifi Chaupal / Bharat Net / BSNL Broadband Connection!

8. Waiting area space for seating 5 citizens

With the above, you need to make adequate arrangements for seating at least 5 people in your CSC Aadhaar center.

10. CCTV cameras

To open CSC Aadhaar Center, you now need to install CCTV cameras in your center as well! No CSC Uidai Aadhaar will be open without it

1. RAMP and wheelchair for the disabled

If your CSC center is not on ground. So in that situation, you need to arrange a wheelchair with ramp facilities!

12. Token system/machine

To open CSC Aadhaar Update Center. It will be mandatory for Vles to give tokens to all the people who come to your center through the token system. For this, you can install a token machine or any other token system! The purpose of the token method is to crowd the center and everyone needs to work without any discrimination. But without the token system, you can’t open CSC Aadhaar Center.

Toilet facilities

In addition to the above, all CSC Aadhaar Update Centers should have CSC toilet facilities in their centers. Don’t worry if toilet facilities are already available.

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