CSC Digipay Sakhi Yojana | CSC BC Sakhi Registration

Digipay Sakhi/ BC Sakhi Yojana/ BC Bank Sakhi

CSC Digital Sakhi Yojana Up Bc Sakhi Yojana

CSC Digipay Sakhi Yojana: BC Sakhi Yojana has Started to empower the women living in the village and to make them financially capable and to provide banking services to other rural people.

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Under which at least 10-12th educated women living in rural areas will be made BC Sakhi! Through them, the self-help groups of the village are running from the poverty of the SHGs and other poor people! In their important battle, financial help will be available near their home without running away! With the aim of providing them banking facilities, loans, deposits, withdrawals, and other necessary facilities! It has been decided to start the launch of this scheme! But like a former BC friend, like a Banking Correspondent with the bank, people will be connected to the bank.

CSC Digipay Sakhi Registration/ BC Sakhi Registration/ CSC BC Sakhi Form

At present, in our country, more than 3000 BC Sakhi is working to facilitate the poor people of the villages to withdraw deposits from their accounts without running away and especially to the members of Self Help Group SHG! And very soon Sir Dinesh Tyagi. CEO of CSC E-Governance Services India Limited has announced to issue CSC Digipay Sakhi Yojana and SHG CSC Id to Self Help Group Women. If any self help group is working in your village! So while living in your village near you! There is a very good opportunity to help people by becoming Digital Banking Sakhi in BC Sakhi Yojana! For which you can also register New SHG from Or you can also get information about it by visiting your nearest bank branch.

UP BC Bank Sakhi Yojana government is giving 4000/ every month

Due to the lockdown of Corona virus, life is busy all over the country! In such a situation, through the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme, cash assistance is being sent to the account of the people. In such a situation. Poor people have a lot of trouble to withdraw money from their bank account! That’s why the UP government has started BC Sakhi Yojana to keep people connected to the banking system and to reach their homes in their villages without running away! And have talked about giving them 4000 rupees every month!

In the first phase, there will be 58 thousand Bank Sakhi (Appointment of Banking Corresponding)

Around 58000 Banking Correspondent Sakhi have been appointed in the first phase of Bank BC Sakhi registration! In this process, all the selected bank BC Sakhi will be paid at the rate of 4 thousand rupees per month for the next 6 months.

How much will be the salary in BC Sakhi

By the way, BC Bank Sakhi, which works with the government will pay according to the transactions done by them. But they will get a salary of 3000 rupees per month for the first few months 3-6 months after starting their work! She earns about 10-12 Thousand rupees every month from the commission of the transactions done by her. Whereas in Uttar Pradesh, it has just announced by the government to give 4 thousand rupees every month to the salary of BC Sakhi for the next 6 months.
Bank B C Sakhi will do this big work in Corona period
BC Sakhi or Bank Sakhi will go to the villages and complete all the banking related work of the people during the Corona period! And people will no longer need to go to the bank for their work. Now through BC Sakhi Yojana, the bank will reach people’s homes! Therefore, people will no longer have trouble following the crowd in the bank and the distance of one yard.

CSC Vle BC Sakhi Yojana Registration Process 2022

In CSC BC Sakhi Yojana, women Vles of CSC will be select and authorized to work in their village or their block. For which no official website has released yet. For updated information about this scheme, contact your CSC District Manager.

CSC BC Sakhi Commission

Women working in BC Sakhi Yojana like a bank BC made by them. Commission will give according to Withdrwal, Deposit, Money Transfer, Loan Payment Collection, NPA Collection, Account Opening etc.

Up Bc Sakhi Yojana

BC Sakhi Payment

In BC Sakhi Yojana, women will get a monthly payment of about 10-12 thousand rupees.

Digipay Sakhi Apply Online/ BC Sakhi Online Form

If you want to apply online to become a Banking Sakhi in your village! So for this you have to go to your nearest bank manager and find out about this scheme! And if you have a CSC Vle! Or belong to a self-help group! So you can also apply online for Digipay Sakhi through CSC.

UP BC Sakhi Yojana SHG Registration Form Download

BC Sakhi Training

How to work in villages for all Banking Sakhi who has selected in BC Sakhi Yojana. And BC Sakhi Training will give information about the Banking System.

BC Sakhi Exam

women joining BC Sakhi Training have to give a BC Sakhi Exam before going to work in the village. by which the knowledge of banking services learned during their training is tested

BC Sakhi Certificate

Under BC Sakhi Yojana, women will appoint in BC Sakhi by the concerned bank are issued Pradhan Mantri Jan dhan Yojana Uniform and BC Sakhi Certificate, and Id Card

What is CSC SHG BC Sakhi

The full form of BC Sakhi is Banking Sakhi! It works especially for Self Help Groups! That’s why SHG is also called BC Sakhi!


CSC BC Sakhi App download

All Banking Sakhi working under this BC Sakhi scheme are given a mobile app. Thereby reporting the work being done on the field.

Works of Digital Sakhi

  • Services of self help group members
  • deposit withdrawal from bank account
  • Loan
  • loan recovery
  • Jan Dhan Yojna

BC Sakhi nrlm/ BC Sakhi CSC

At present, there are two ways to become a BC Sakhi. Firstly, you can become a BC Sakhi directly with the bank through NRLM group. Secondly, you can work as a BC Sakhi by applying for CSC Digipay Sakhi. Visit NRLM website for more details!

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