CSC NDUW eShram Card Registration Process and Commission

CSC NDUW Project: CSC NDUW eShram Card Registration Process and Commission Through NDUW i.e. National Database of Unorganized Workers. People working in unorganized sectors across the country like small and marginal farmers, fishermen, people engaged in animal husbandry, beedi rolling, labeling and packing, building and construction workers, Carpenters, workers in brick kilns and stone mines, barbers, vegetable and fruit sellers, newspaper sellers, rickshaw drivers, auto drivers, house workers, street vendors, MGNREGA workers, ASHA workers, milk farmers, migrant laborers and all those who are working for them instead of working. In a big company.

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CSC esharm In order to create a national database for them, eShram cards are being issued to every unorganized sector worker through the NDUW scheme. So that the government has information about different types of people working in the whole country and by identifying them, they can be given the benefits of all types of government schemes.

CSC NDUW eShram Card Registration Process and Commission

NDUW Ashram Card Requirement (National Database of Unorganized Workers)

CSC esharm: About 437 crore people in our country are involved in all kinds of small and big unorganized business or unorganized sector initiatives. But in the absence of such a database or information with the government, sometimes it becomes very difficult for these people to get the benefits of government schemes. During the Corona crisis, the government announced 1,000 financial assistance and free ration benefits in the accounts of all workers. And many people associated with the unorganized sector or doing their own small work did not get the benefit! The biggest reason behind this was that the government did not have any concrete data and information on this subject. How many people are in the unorganized sector through any job?

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CSC e shram Card Registration Online

CSC esharm: E-Shram Portal NDUW Login Link: CSC Ashram Card Today Modi government is going to launch an e-shram portal. About 38 crore workers will benefit from this initiative of the Union Ministry of Labor and Employment. If you want to apply online for the  e-shram card then you can visit Although the direct link of the portal has been shared on this page.

A national toll-free number 14434 will be launched for E-shram card registration. An E-shram card will be issued to the central government, CSC esharm Card  will have a unique 12-digit number. E-shram cards will give a new identity to billions of unorganized workers of the country. The e-shram card will be valid across the country.

Link the e-shram card

CSC NDUW eShram Card Registration Process and Commission 2021 : According to the Union Ministry of Labor and Employment, the government has taken this step to prepare a database of workers in the unorganized sector. The move is aimed at integrating the social security schemes of the government. State government and departments will also share the details of workers. E-Shram Card will give a unique identity to each employee. A large number of laborers returned home after the lockdown caused by Corona. There was a crisis of livelihood in front of the workers.

After this development, the emphasis was on creating databases. However, there has also been a considerable delay in creating the database. So the government is preparing the database at the national level. The government aims to register crores of workers in the unorganized sector. These include construction workers, migrant workers, street vendors, and domestic workers. Employees can also get their cards made by visiting their nearest CSC center.

What is CSC NDUW Ashram Card?

NDUW – National Database for Unorganized Workers The Ministry of Labor and Employment is preparing a national database for unorganized workers. The website will facilitate the registration of unorganized workers. Each NDUW will be given an Identity Card, CSC esharm Card which will be a Unique Identification Number. The ministry and government will implement the benefits of the social security scheme for the unorganized workers on the basis of this database.

Who will generate the CSC NDUW eSarm Card?

The Government of India has decided to make a UAN card / E-sharam card for all the workers coming in the unorganized sector. The following are barbers, vegetable and fruit vendors, newspaper vendors, rickshaw drivers, auto drivers, working girls, street vendors, MGNREGA workers, ASHA workers, milk farmers, migrant workers, and all those who do not work in the unorganized sector. Big companies do. Do your business

The objective of CSC NDUW

Ashram cards are being issued to every worker in the unorganized sector through the NDUW scheme that creates a national database. So that the government can know about different types of people working all over the country and identify them and give them the benefits of all types of government schemes.

Why get a CSC NDUW eShram Card?

This database will help the government to prepare more programs for the unorganized workers. E-shram card workers will get the benefit of social security and welfare schemes. The movement of heads from the informal sector to the formal sector and vice versa will be monitored to develop their professional skills. Also, track the workforce of migrant workers and provide them more employment opportunities.

CSC e Shram Card Eligibility Criteria?

  1. To register under NDUW, one must possess the following qualifications
  2. Age 16 to 59 years!
  3. Should not be an income taxpayer.
  4. Should not be a member of EPFO ​​and ESIC.
  5. Work should be done at the source of unorganized workers.

CSC UAN Eshram Card Important Documents

  1. Aadhar number, fingerprint or iris verification, bank account, OTP using mobile number, these three things will be mandatory.
  2. You can give an Education Certificate, Income Certificate, Business Certificate, Skill Certificate as per your wish.

Role of CSC in CSC UAN Eshram Card Registration?

CSC VLE will play a role in this project. Billions of unorganized workers across the country will be registered through CSC. Update the request of workers registered in the United Nations! Locally Supporting NDU W! Register the UAN e-shram card and hand it over to the unorganized workers!

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How To Apply for CSC NDUW e-Sharam Card

  1. In order to generate a UAN eshram card, VLE has to first log in to Digital Seva Portal.
  2. Now e-shram will search here below, which will have a link to the website of the labor card!
  3. Click on it to proceed!
  4. The beneficiary will first enter the Aadhar card and verify with OTP or Biometric.
  5. Now you will see the beneficiary details which need to be verified.
  6. Enter the beneficiary’s personal details and move on! Enter residential information!
  7. Enter educational qualifications!
  8. Enter business details! Preview and tick self-declaration!
  9. Download now and transfer the beneficiary’s UN card!
  10. Introducing e-Shram Portal Link through CSC
  11. NDUW card registration is now live on the digital services portal.
  12. Now VLE can register all unorganized workers through CSC.
  13. Process: – Will you click on registration through CSC (Digital Services),
  14. Enter your CSC ID / Password and complete the registration process and create the card.
  15. Note: – No fee will be charged from the customer for registration in eParishram,
  16. CSC SPV will give each registration to VLE next month.
  17. Payment will be made only after registration through the CSC portal.
  18. Do not publish the card on social media platforms as it contains beneficiary data.

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