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CSC Voter Id Card Apply Services: If You have a CSC Centre! Then it can be a piece of great news for you! Because now there is an Agreement between CSC and Election Commission NVSP! All the Common Service Centers are there! All the facilities related to Voter Id cards will be available on all of them in CSC Centre! For example, Making a New Voter ID Card. Printing a Voter ID Card, Viewing the voter list. If you are a common citizen. And you are thinking of getting yourself or any of your family’s voter ID card made! So you can get it very easily from the Common Service Center (CSC) near you.

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CSC Voter Id Card Apply Services

Need To Done– But to provide these facilities through your Common Service Center. First, you have to Register your Voter Id with CSC to start work.

CSC Voter Card Registration Required Document

  1. Police verification certificate
  2. EPIC Card Printer
  3. NVSP Epic Card Printer Model
  4. EPIC Card Printer Serial Number
  5. Voter id card printer
  6. EPIC Card Printer Serial Number Image

Attention Please: Any CSC VLE having Epic Card Printer Machine. All of them will get priority in providing CSC Voter Id Card Service.

CSC Voter Card Print Service Registration

  1. First of all visit the website of
  2. Login with CSC User Id and Password.
  3. Your CSC Id must be authorized to use the election service. For this click on the button Yes.
  4. Enter your mobile number and generate OTP.
  5. Enter the OTP code received on the mobile number. Then click the submit button.
  6. After this, now the CSC Voter Id Card Service Registration Form will open in front of you. It would be like this!
  7. Fill in all the information asked in the CSC Voter ID Card Service Registration Form carefully and correctly!
  8. You will need it while filling out the form! That you have an Epic Card Printer available! Or not if you have Epic available! Then select Yes! If not! Then select No.
  9. Now here are some Documents required! The photos of all those documents will have to upload as a jpg.
  10. And it is mandatory for you to upload the police verification certificate as a document!
  11. If you have selected the Police verification certificate and Epic Card Printer! So upload its document! And after correcting the given declaration, click on the button Registered!
  12. And now your registration is Complete to start the CSC Voter ID card service! If the information given by you is correct! Only then all the services of the Election Commission are started on your CSC ID.

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Epson L5290 Wi-Fi All-in-One Print, Scan, Copy, Fax with ADF Ink Tank Printer

Documents for CSC new voter id Apply

To make a new voter ID through the Common Service Centre, you have to provide some documents prescribed by the government at the time of application.

The following Documents are mandatory

  • Applicant’s photo
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Age declaration form

Each applicant must fill out a declaration form and attach it to his/her application. Which will have filled by you and uploaded with the original signature of the applicant. In which the information given in the form has to be declared true.

What to do if you are CSC VLE

If you are not a CSC VLE! And you want to make a Voter ID card of yourself or any of your family members! So you have to go to your nearest CSC Public Service Center for this! You can use the link given below to know about your nearest Common Service Center!


The EPIC number is a unique identification number given by the government to a voter which is called by the electorate.

A photo ID card (EPIC) is called in which the complete details of the voter whose main purpose is to enter the country.

To prepare the details of the vote of the actual voter in the elections to be held in

EPIC नंबर सरकार द्वारा एक मतदाता को दिया जाने वाला एक यूनिक आइडेंटिटी नंबर होता है जिसे एल्क्ट्रोल

फोटो आईडी कार्ड (EPIC) कहते है जिसमे उस मतदाता का पूरा ब्योरा दर्ज रहता है जिसका मुख्य उद्देश्य देश

में होने वाले चुनावो में वास्तविक मतदाता के वोट का ब्यौरा तैयार करने व उसको मतदान करने का हक़ प्रदान करना है

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