Digipay Support Ticket Raise

CSC Digipay Complaint

Digipay Support: To raise a ticket click on ‘Raise a Ticket’. Provide the information as directed. You can find solution for your concerned query in between the questionnaire displayed on the screen. In case your query has not been resolved you can raise a ticket for further assistance.

How To File Complaint on Digipay Support

CSC Digipay Complaint Online
  • To make a complaint in CSC DIGIPAY, first you have to go to its official website.
  • You can visit its “official website” to make CSC Digipay complaint by clicking on the website given below.
  • After successfully opening the website, the page shown below will appear in front of you.
  • Here you will see two option “CSC DIGIPAY Installation Issue”
    CSC DIGIPAY Transactional Issue” |
  • Whatever type of problem you are facing here, you will choose that option.
  • After selecting the option, now you have to click on the Next button.
  • Now you will be asked below what kind of problem you are facing, you have to choose your option here.
  1. Cash Withdrawal
  2. Payout
  3. Domestic Money Transfer

How To Check Digipay Support Status

If you have filed a complaint for any problem in CSC Digipay. Then follow all the rules given below to know how you will know its status.

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  • First of all click on “Official Website” given here
  • Now two options will appear in front of you.
  • You have to click on “Check Ticket Status Button” here.
  • Now you have to enter your ticket id here and fill the captcha code.
  • After filling all this information click on “Submit button”.
  • Now you will see the status of your complaint here.

CSC Digipay Transaction Issue Complaint?

Visitors, whenever you make any withdrawal or deposit from DIGIPAY, there will always be a thought in your mind that your money should get stuck somewhere. So in such a situation, if your money gets stuck, then the question will come again and again in your mind that now you will get your money back or not.

Whatever your money is stuck, how will your money come back in your account or wallet, if you want to know about the process, then definitely read this post from beginning to last. We have told you how you can get your money back.

CSC Digipay Complaint Refund Amount ?

If you do any transaction with CSC DIGIPAY and your money gets stuck then “this money gets added to your wallet within 7 days.” “But you have to keep something in mind that whenever you do any transaction and if your money gets stuck, then you have to file a complaint for that immediately.

If you do this by digital service portal. Then there is a 98% chance that your money is return to your wallet. Chances of it are also less.

CSC Mini ATM Transaction Failed Complaint

CSC Mini Atm As you know that by buying CSC Mini ATM for ₹ 2100. You can withdraw money from it by ATM card. But if you withdraw money from your mini atm. And your money gets stuck. Then how do you complain for that We are going to give you the information about it here. read the information given below carefully.

How To get Refund Digipay Amount?

If your money is stuck at the time of deposit, then you have to keep in mind that the account in which you are depositing the money will be returned to your wallet only if the transaction is declared but if you are withdrawing the money. If and the money is not withdrawn and the money has been deducted from the customer’s bank account, then in that case you do not have to give money to the customer.

Because that refunded money will reach back in the same bank account of the customer, till you do not give the money to the customer, the money is not added to your wallet and you will tell the customer that if the customer’s money is deducted from the bank account And if your wallet has not been added, then the customer will have to make a complaint in his bank account by calling CSC Toll Free Number.

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