How many CSC can Open in a Village?


As per the Common Service Centres (CSC) Scheme, there is no specific limit on the number of CSCs that can be opened in a village. The number of CSCs established in a village or rural area depends on the population and the demand for the services provided by the CSC.

However, the CSC scheme promotes the concept of the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), who acts as a single point of contact for the delivery of various government and non-government services. A VLE is responsible for operating and maintaining the CSC and providing various services to the citizens of the village or the surrounding areas.

Therefore, the number of CSCs in a village depends on the number of VLEs available in that area. The CSC Scheme encourages the participation of women, scheduled castes, and scheduled tribes in establishing and operating the CSCs to promote inclusive growth and empowerment.

In conclusion, the number of CSCs in a village or rural area depends on the demand for the services and the availability of VLEs. The CSC Scheme aims to promote digital access and service delivery in rural areas, and anyone interested can apply to become a VLE and establish a CSC in their area.

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