You are currently viewing Online Aadhaar Update & Correction Process UIDAI New Update rules

Online Aadhaar Update & Correction Process UIDAI New Update rules

Online Aadhar Update & Correction Process, Aadhar Card Address Change Online, Aadhaar Correction Online Update: If you are a CSC Vle, or you are a common citizen! And you have to get your Aadhaar correction done! Due to some reason you are not able to go to Aadhar Center! Or Aadhar Center is not available! You have to make corrections in your Aadhaar or in the Aadhaar address of any customer. So you don’t need to worry! You can rectify the error in Aadhar card from Mobile Phone/Laptop/Computer by visiting Self Portal of UID! If you want to know the process! So today you will be given complete information through this post by us!

Know what you can Update or Correction online

  • Name ( नाम )
  • Date of Birth (जन्मतिथि)
  • Gender (लिंग)
  • Address (पता/एड्रेस)
  • Language (भाषा)

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Documents Required for Online Aadhar Update

For Online Aadhar Correction you have to provide valid Identty Proof/Address Proof!

To update Aadhaar online, it is necessary to link mobile number in Aadhaar.

Online Aadhar Update Step By Step Process

  • First of all you have to go to!
  • Log in using Aadhaar Number and OTP!
  • Click on the option of AADHAAR UPDATE ONLINE!
  • Click on the option of Date of Birth, Address, Language, Gender, Update!
  • Make the necessary changes!
  • Upload Supporting Documents!
  • Pay fees!
  • Download Aadhaar Update Key Receipt Online
  • First you go to
  • Login using Aadhaar Number and OTP!
  • Click on the option of AADHAAR ONLINE!
  • Click on the option of Date, Address, Language, Birth, Birth!
  • Change content!
  • Upload Supporting Documents!
  • Online Aadhar Receipt to Download!

Online Aadhaar Update Fees

To change or update your Aadhaar online, you will have to Pay Rs 50 along with supporting documents!

To Make Online Change or Update in your Aadhaar you have to Pay Rs 50 Rupees Along with Supporting Documents

CSC Aadhaar Calendar Download
Aadhaar Operator / Supervisor Certificate

How to update mobile number Online

If you have an Aadhaar Card! Your mobile number is not included in your Aadhaar card. Or want to update! So you can’t do it online! Because this service is not being offered online by UIDAI! To update mobile number, you need to go to CSC Center or Aadhaar Update Center!

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Advantages of Updating Mobile Number In Aadhaar

No one can use your base in an invalid way! Verification of Aadhar Authentication and ITR, OPD Appointment without Fingerprint Aadhar Card Verification! If your base will be used anywhere then you will get the information!

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