How to check the status of your CSC Center Application

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CSC Registration Status Online

If you want to check your CSC Status! So for this you need to have your application number! You must have got this application number then! When you must have applied for CSC! With this application number, you can easily check the status of your CSC

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Check CSC Application Status Online

If you don’t have CSC Application Number! Then what should we do?

If you do not have CSC Application Number! So you will get it from that email id of yours! The Email Id you used at the time of CSC Apply! You will get CSC Application Number on this email id! You open your Email Id! When you will open your email id! So you will get an email there by the name of Digital Seva CSC (No Reply)! In which the date in which you applied for CSC Center! You have to note down that CSC Application Number! With which you can check your CSC Status!

How To Check CSC Application Status Online

  • First of all you have to go to this website! Click here to visit website! Click Here
  • When you click on the link on this website! Then a page like this will open in front of you!
Check CSC Application Status Online
  • Now you have to check your CSC Status here! To check CSC status, here you have to enter your CSC Application Number! And Captcha has to be entered! And then you have to click on the submit button!
  • As soon as you click on the submit button, your CSC Status will open in front of you! Whatever the status!
Check CSC Application Status Online

Note: If you someone’s Id Password has been generated! Then he will see you! And if there is any problem the application is incomplete! Or is it missing any document! So have to load it! You’ll see that in his status too!

  • Now you will know the status of your CSC Status! After knowing the status, if you have to take any necessary action! You have to do that!
  • If you have been asked to upload any document! So for this you have to go to the CSC Registration Portal again! And to apply there you have to do the same process! After which you will get your old application form open.
  • So whatever you will lack in CSC Status in that! Fill that gap! And submit after filling the gap! And then after a few days you check your CSC status again check CSC Status!

So in this way you can check your CSC Status! And whatever the problem or problem! You can remove it!

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