New UPI Mode eRUPI Launches By PM of India

PM Modi Launches New UPI Mode eRUPI

New UPI Mode eRUPI

New UPI Mode eRUPI: New Digital Payment mode eRUPI has launched by the Prime Minister. PM Modi eRUPI is a new form of UPI Transaction. It works like a Gift Voucher. If you have used Sodexo Coupons. So eRUPI can called as the updated version of the same.

What is e-RUPI

New e-RUPI Service is one of a kind Prepaid Voucher Service! With the help of which the money of the schemes is sent directly from the bank to the beneficiaries. That is, if the government will send e-RUPI Voucher to fill LPG! So only gas cylinders can filled from it. After the start of this service, the money will not be sent to the beneficiaries in the form of cash. eRUPI Voucher will be sent to the beneficiaries through QR Code or SMS Based e-Voucher!

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How e-RUPI will work

E-RUPI Voucher will issued across the country towards 11 banks. This is a Prepaid Voucher! And it will work like Demand Draft. Once Voucher Issue will done! Then the e-RUPI Voucher will issued to the beneficiary through a QR Code and SMS! QR Code and SMS Voucher will issued to an individual only once.

Bank account will no longer be needed

Beneficiaries will not need QR Code and SMS Voucher to use e-RUPI Voucher! Beneficiaries will be accessible without Digital Card, Digital Payment App and Internet Banking Service!

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